[ENG] Marv Wolfman Interview

DC announced 3 new miniseries coming in January including one about the Teen Titans character, Raven. On this occasion w had the opportunity to ask a few questions to the legendary author Marv Wolfman who will be writing the upcoming title.

First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. It’s an honor to have such a renowned and talented author answering taking time to talk with us.

You created Raven with George Perez exactly 35 years ago. How the idea of creating this character did come to you? And how did you convince DC to accept the character at a time where women were less represented in comic-book than they are today?

ravenRaven was actually a combination of several other ideas I had used with an infusion of new ones. I had created an Empath character in Werewolf By Night but never got the chance to really play with her much. In Tomb of Dracula, and previously in a story I wrote as a kid, I have the child of a demon rise to fight his father. I sort of put those ideas together, then came up with the idea of Azarath, Azar, pacifism, her shyness and more to create Raven. It was a matter of putting together, step by step, all the ideas I had wanted to play with and new ones that I had come up with for the character.


Today Raven became an important character, she was a big part of the Teen Titans tv-show and she is still beloved by a lot of fans. How does it feel to see one of your characters have such an impact on fans?

RavenSmile1When you create characters you always hope they will resonate with the readers. But of course you have no idea until it’s out there and you get responses.  I knew Raven was something special; I had spent a lot of time creating her backstory, Trigon, Azarath, and more, to make her a fully fleshed out character, but the response to Raven was always far more than I could have hoped for. And then keeping her character intact, but expanding it for the younger audience, Cartoon Network President, Sam Register, showrunner David Slack and the others who put together the original Teen Titans cartoon show, made her come alive for a brand-new audience. I am constantly thrilled when I go to convention to see so many young girls cosplaying Raven. It’s an incredible heart-warming sight.

In January comes a new mini-series about Raven. Since Dc communication can sometime be a little hard to follow I want to clear something. Is Raven of your mini the same character as the one we see in the current Teen Titans series or is she a “new” character?  

351986-53874-ravenThe Raven in the upcoming mini-series is essentially my Raven, but younger.  She’s 16 about to turn 17. She certainly knows the Titan characters and has brothers and Trigon (none of who are in this story) but this is Raven on her own.  She does meet her mother’s sister, someone her mother, Arella, who had run away from home to join up with the demon cult, never told her about. So there is a family dynamic at work here.

Now let’s talk about the story itself. What can you tell us about it? Is the character different from what we saw before?

I don’t want to talk about the story yet. Suffice it to say it’s very creepy and weird. It’s also intended for all age readers.

Last question and an important one! Is there any chance to see you in a French convention in the future?

If a French convention wants to fly me over there I’d love to come. I’ve always wanted to go to a few of their city-wide comic gatherings.

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