Larime Taylor talks about A VOICE IN THE DARK


A few months ago the Top Cow Podcast was about a independant comics and his author. This comics was A VOICE IN THE DARK who’se heroine Zoey was a Killer. Zoey murdered several people and had to deal with her student life and her urges.
I had the chance to speak with the author and artist of the serie: Larime Taylor who accepted to answer my questions.

First of all for those who don’t know you (mostly the French readers) can you introduce yourself?
I’m the writer, artist, and letterer of A VOICE IN THE DARK from Image/Top Cow.

What is the first comic-book you’ve ever read?
I can’t remember for certain, it was way back in my childhood. Probably an X-Men or Wolverine comic. Or Batman, but yeah. I was a Marvel kid, so not Batman for me.

Seems that we all started with X-Men!

Let’s talk about « A Voice in the Dark » You used a Kickstarter to fund the creation of your comics. Was crowfunding your first option? Or did you try to directly contact an editor? 
I didn’t want to pitch it to editors until I had a finished product to show them. Most will usually look at a 5-10 page submission, but I wanted a whole comic, something to show them I’m serious and polished. So I crowdfunded a first issue to use as my submission, and because of the overwhelming support, was actually able to make a 56-page graphic novel.

You had a huge support, what was your reaction?
It raised 600% of the goal. It was amazing. I was completely blown away.

You’ve been edited by Topcow, how was the contact established between you and the company?
Published, yeah. They were one of about 10 publishers I submitted to at Wonder Con last year, and when they said they were interested it was an easy decision to go with them. Image is where every indie creator wants to be.

The story looks like a morbid crime fiction. Are you fan of this kind of crimes books? And what influenced you when you wrote this?
I call it psychological noir. It’s a darker story, but more character-driven rather than gore and action. It’s more about internal, personal horror. It has a humorous streak, though, a lot of black comedy or macabre comedy running through it. It was originally going to be a parody of 1980s and 1990s slasher films, but developed into something more serious along the way.


About the creation itself. You talked about you handicap at the end of the first issue. Do you have any difficulty to draw because of it?  
It mostly just means that I draw different. I use my mouth. It limits how far I can reach, and horizontal lines are easier than vertical, but now that I draw digitally I can easily rotate the image, zoom in and out, move it around, and so on. Most of the physical limitations have been lifted.

We wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if you didn’t talk about it, that how good the art is.
Thank you! I really appreciate that.

The radio show seems very important. Does that mean the story will continue to gravitate toward it?
It plays a role, yes, but it’s not the central focus. Zoey’s daily life and her struggle with her urges will be the main focus.

Zoey is a very uncommon character. Far from the females heroes we use to see in general and even less in comics where their moral is often very strong. How will she face all that happens to her in the series?
That’s the big question. She’s fairly normal, at least on the surface, an average teenage girl trying to figure out who she is and what she wants in life. Male or female, we’ve all been teenagers and had to deal with identity and figuring out who we are. Who and what Zoey is, though, is a killer, and she has to wrestle with that. Can she stop? Can she learn to accept herself as she is? That’s the real heart of the story.


How far did you plan the story? Do you exactly know how it will end or you just have the big lines?
I’ve plotted the first few arcs, but not the entire series. I don’t know just yet how it all ends

Because the Indies series don’t get as much visibility as the others of big companies, there might be some people that misse this great serie. What can you say to convince them to try it? For the french reader that would be curious about zoey’s story for example.
It’s very different than most American comics, and is more like a European book in that it’s about realistic characters that look like real people do, instead of over-muscled and impossibly-built superheroes. It’s character-driven instead of event-driven. It’s more of a slice-of-life book.

It’s a bit like Matz’s The Killer.

Do you read French comics?
I’ve read The Killer, yes.

Do you have projects in the future?
I’m developing a few others as writer only, with other artists, but nothing that’s ready to go just yet.

That mean we will have to follow your work!
I hope so!

I would like to thank you again for your time! It was very interesting and of course we hope that the serie will be a succes!
Thank you! It was my pleasure.

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