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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 000-000

Power Rangers while never being stopped are coming back since 2013, year of the 20th anniversary of the franchise.
Unfortunately Saban and Disney screwed up by giving the fans MegaForce and SuperMega force that were at best mediocre. It was not a very good tribute.
A new Mighty Morphin ²Power Rangers was announced back in May 2014. The movie which is a reboot, is set to release in 2017. We will have the original heroes (with an obvious recast).
And finally, and that’s the thing we’re looking at today; Boom Studio! Announced a new MMPR comic-book series coming this March. Issues #0 came out in January as a preview.
Kyle Higgins is writing the obok while Hendry Prasetya is in charge of the art.

This issue starts with the well known story arc “Green With Evil” from the original tv show. Quick recap: In this 5 episodes arc we meet Tommy Oliver, a new student who just arrived at Angel Groove. He quickly show some incredible fighting abilities and will be noticed by a lot of people, including Rita. She will brainwash him in order to infiltrate the HQ of the Power Rangers and eventually try to destroy them. In order to do so he becomes the Green Ranger and can summon the DragonZord.
Rita’s plan will of course fail and Tommy will take back control of his body and mind. He will stay the Green Ranger in order to help his new friends.
The comic starts a short period after this story arc. Tommy is still traumatized by the previous events and will try to have a normal life by going to high-school and live like a normal teenager with his new friends. But this rest will be cut short because of a monster sent by Rita to destroy the city (as usual)

rangersIt’s a really interesting first part that Higgins offers us. The whole episode centers around how Tommy tries to re become a normal human being. The fights are not going well for him because of haunting visions. We see that he stills struggle. The plot twist at the end of the issue suggest that we will see a brand new development for the serie and i’m eager to see what will happens.
The serie have a more serious tone that we could imagine when we pick up the book (it’s after “just” the Power Rangers) and we efforts are made to develop the relations between characters and their mindsets, like the original show.
However even if the comic is a bit more maturte we still have some silliness like having the characters dressing up with the exact same color as their power rangers costume.
There is something confused I noticed while reading the book. The book is supposed to be the direct sequel of the original 90’s arc but the characters all have today’s devices like smartphones. It’s not a big deal but it’s a bit weird when you really think about it.
The last thing that disturbed me a little was the length of the book. The main story is only 12 pages long without the back up stories. It feels like we’re having a deluxe preview more than a real issue, especially when the number one will only be out in March.
The back up stories are not very interesting. The first one, focused on Bulk & Skull is not funny and making it an ongoing storyline will not add interest in a story that is at best average.
The second story seems to be a travel in time. The plot take place during a fight between Goldard and the Power Rangers. To sums it up, it’s just a big fight with no real scenario. It’s well done but forgetable.


Hendry Prasetya is the artist who gives life to our heroes and I have to admit it’s really well done. All the arts are good, even if some faces are a bit short which give the impression that their head is a empty.
It’s during the fights or when the zords are appearing that Prasetya shows his real talent. There is a real intensity during the battles and the Rangers in armor have a true presence. They are just badasses.
The fight with the differents zords against the giant monster are a bit similar to what IDW do with the Transformer series and it’s really appreciated.
One last thing that I find important is that the cover made by Goni Montes are just gorgeous. The colors, the arts, the pose; everhing is just a big call to collect them all.

Kyle Higgins give a a rather issue where the only problem is how the whole thing is published. We will be waiting for the first real issue of the serie to see if the author will continue to write an interesting story.

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