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Brutal Bombshell is an indie comic-book created by Rik Jackson Craig Jex.
The book is a compilation of somewhat brutal mini-stories about different women. These women obviously end up in terrible situation.
After a read, I can say that I actually really enjoyed it. First of all the idea is interesting. It feels like different stories from Tales of the Crypt (and any work that reminds me of this show scores a lot of points). The idea of several stories that never ends well and can even hide a morale at the end is very similar and give the feeling that reading the comics is not worthles. Of course there’s no plot line that links everything and it could be seen as something the comic-book lack but it works as an anthology.
The art while it could be seen as a bit off for the anatomy outside of the gory parts is actually kind of disgusting during the entire read. The deaths are gruesome and at some point I even had a moment where I found myself think « wow, that’s gross », which is a good thing in this case.
If you like gore and horrific stories and wants to support indie artists then go check their website http://silentp-art.blogspot.fr/ but be careful if you are « triggered » by things like that. It’s graphic !

I also decided to ask a few questions to Rik to know a bit more about him and his universe.

Let’s talk about you first, can you present yourself ?

I’m Rik Jackson, an illustrator and comic book artist from south London, UK. Though I have been drawing crazy horror stuff for ages, its only been the last couple of years that I have been making my art public. I mainly draw horror and pinups, but I am planning some new comic projects this year that explore styles that are new for me.

You are the artist for Brutal Bombshell, a comic-book you co-created with Craig Jex. It all started on Kickstarter.

Actually, Kickstarter was where it ended. Craig is a film script writer, I am in illustrator and we both love horror. It seemed obvious that we should try to create a horror comic together. It wasn’t hard for us to come up with the concept and before long we had the whole thing in full production. Kickstarter came in toward the end of the creation process, but was essential to us being able to get the comic out there.

What gave you the idea to make a comic-book and to use the crowdfunding plateforme ? And how was it received by the public ?

I had been doing a few large illustrations of pinup girls with a bloody twist. When I told Craig about it we thought it would be fun to give each of the women in the pictures a back story. So we ended up with stories about a gold digging bride poisoning her husband, a woman stripping off more than her bikini in the sauna and tale of a boob job gone wrong, to name a few.

We always intended to get this in print but needed a pre-order system to find out how many to have printed. We considered a lot of options but chose Kickstarter because we had seen a lot of other small press comics having success there. I was so surprised how well it did – we over funded so were able to get more copies printed for conventions. We had a lot of interest from America and Europe. In fact, nearly half our backers were not from countries outside the UK.

There is a big community on Kickstarter that I had not expected to find. Its great that there are so many people willing to back something new and be a part of its creation.


Let’s talk about the book itself. It’s an horror book featuring short stories. What are your influences (movies, comic-book, novels) ?

I am a huge fan of horror in all its forms. My main influences for Brutal Bombshells were 1960s Hammer Horror movies and the Twilight Zone. But Brutal Bombshells is much more schlock and gore than those, so anything with plenty of outrageous deaths and dark humour helped keep me motivated ! I also read a lot of issues of Eerie and Creepy from Dark Horse Comics. I love their black and white horror collection format and we used that as a reference to help us structure our book.

What are your future projects after Brutal Bombshell ?

Craig and I are about to start work on Grave Tales, a comic book adaptation of some of Craig’s short stories. There is a big Edgar Allan Poe influence to these particular stories, but with a distinctly stomach churning injection of gore. We will be working on Brutal Bombshells 2 in the summer. As well as new stories we will be asking the fans to vote for their favourite character to make a comeback.

I will also be getting submissions in to Haylestorm Comics for their Dark House compilation and for the IF Anthology from Alternacomics, so please tell them how much you’d like to see my work being featured !

Thanks for answering the questions !

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