Rik Jackson – Brutal Bombshell


Brutal Bombshell is an indie comic-book created by Rik Jackson Craig Jex.
The book is a compilation of somewhat brutal mini-stories about different women. These women obviously end up in terrible situation.
After a read, I can say that I actually really enjoyed it. First of all the idea is interesting. It feels like different stories from Tales of the Crypt (and any work that reminds me of this show scores a lot of points). The idea of several stories that never ends well and can even hide a morale at the end is very similar and give the feeling that reading the comics is not worthles. Of course there’s no plot line that links everything and it could be seen as something the comic-book lack but it works as an anthology.
The art while it could be seen as a bit off for the anatomy outside of the gory … Lire la suite